Sunday, October 18, 2015

I'm going to Stinson Beach next weekend for my annual Accidental Readers Book Club Slumber Party, so I decided to practice painting a beach scene. This photo is from my friend Lisa, who loves Stinson over any other place on earth. I used brushes at first, then started messing around with a painting knife. Just a little 5x7 quickie on a cheap canvas board.
I thought it was time to get back to drawing, but I really hate working with pencils. I need to erase too much, so I started drawing a shoe that I love but don't wear anymore. I drew the shoe in thinned out blackish paint, then started filling in and moving the paint around until it looked right. That's not a great way to learn to draw, but easier for me. I call this one Kitten Heel.
I participated in the Lamorinda Arts Alliance show at the Lafayette Christian Church a couple of weekends ago---my first big chance to show and sell a bunch of paintings! My painting buddy, Kim Homes, and I had a lovely patio all to ourselves, shady and pleasant. We greeted visitors as they came through and I got the opportunity to speak with several people, five of whom bought small paintings. It was fun, but exhausting. A lot of work for so little money! I've been told that these kinds of shows are hit and miss and not to get too discouraged, especially if your first wasn't all that spectacular. We'll see. I've heard that the big shows are really expensive to get in. How to make enough money to keep going, buy paint and canvas...I love to paint, but I'm not an expert at selling.